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Economia Riferimento
Sviluppatore Yusuke Matsumoto
4.99 USD

How do you think, when you search Internet or use dictionary.

I think this...
"Have I searched this word before?" or
"I remember I took a memo, but where is it?"
Are you same to me?

Now "KeyKnows" is here!!
Lets start this app.

Make your own dictionary. Its concept of "KeyKnows".
"KeyKnows" organize the words and sentences in your own keywords.
Its very simple like "Key-Value storage database".

You will be entering content and relating keywords.
(Keyword has 3 levels, its "Book", "Index", "Key")
If you enter same "Book" name, that content will be same category.
"Index" is same too.

If you have registered keywords and informations, you dont need search next time.
And you can get your information quickly.

"KeyKnows" is universal application, and provides iCloud service.
So you use iPad at the room, and you can refer iPhone at outside.
Its very useful.

Maybe you will transfer the information from your head to "KeyKnows".
Because the key knows instead of you.